Friday, July 4, 2014


Celebrating 2 weeks of being off of FACEBOOK.

It's an amazing feeling.

I always looked at people strangely when they said they didn't have a Facebook.  Who doesn't have Facebook? Its the outlet to the world and communication to people who live far away/nearby (we just don't like being face to face).
It's also stressful.
I allowed it to consume me and at times, it took away from my child.

A few months ago I got the feeling of giving it up.  I contemplated it and debated it.  I came up with all sorts of reasons to NOT let go of it.  
And then it clicked.
Reach out to those people if you want to stay a part of their lives.  Don't just 'like' a status or picture, get to know them again and not through social media. 
Facebook doesn't have to be complicated and I complicated it.  I would get so aggravated at things and that would put me in a negative mood.

The day I got rid of it, I did something amazing.  I spent that time, that I normally look at Facebook,  facing THE BOOK.
I read in James through The Message version and I fell in love again.  

That's the thing about The Word.  It IS social media.  ANYONE can be a part of it.  There are REAL stories of peoples lives open for everyone to see/learn from, there are STATUS' that are uplifting/encouraging (they're called scriptures), and there is LIFE when you open it--and you don't need a password to open it either.

What's on your mind today?

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