Monday, April 7, 2014


Well, I am UNofficially a maniac...a Marathon Maniac, that is.

I have qualified for the club by completing 2 marathons in 16 days.  It is when I pay for entry to the club that I will be official and receive my number.

I completed my 7th marathon at the Publix Georgia Marathon, in Atlanta, on March 23 with a finishing time of 4 hours and 44 minutes.  The weather was supposed to be rainy but thankfully it barely drizzled and was overcast the whole time until I crossed the finish line.  That's when the sun came out! It was amazing.  Atlanta is tricky being hilly in some spots so I saved energy by walking/trotting up hills.  Overall, I was super proud of my run.  The only thing I regret was taking a banana and orange at mile 21.  I have never done that and I started feeling sick at mile 23.  After the run was over and I was back at the hotel, I ended up throwing up and dry heaving for a while.  It was horrible.  NO MORE fruit towards the end of a run.
The view over Atlanta.
Centennial Park
Marathon #7
I toured Centennial Park and rode the huge ferris wheel that looked over Atlanta.  Fighting my slight fears of heights by facing them.

April 6th I completed GO! St. Louis Marathon with a friend of mine.  It was her first marathon and my 8th.  Again, a hilly run but the weather was 45 degrees at the start and got up to 61 degrees at the finish.  It was amazing.
Jeremy couldn't go due to work so I took Maddy with me.  The night we got in,

Selfies with Lou Ferrigno...The INCREDIBLE HULK!

650 FEET!

we ate at a fancy cafe.  We had been there for about 20 minutes when in walks LOU FERRIGNO.  Yes, I said The Incredible Hulk.  It was crazy.  He was there with a few friends and I was freaking out.  I decided to ask for a photo and he kindly allowed it.  So, of course, we did a selfie.
I see the Cardinals stadium.
The next day we toured the arch.  It was amazing.  I was very shocked at how when we got to the top of the arch it actually felt like it was swaying.  My knees got weak and we lasted no more than 10 minutes.  Ugh.  Oh well, I once again fought my fears.

I have one more marathon in May (Colfax Marathon in Denver) and then its time to relax.  Well, not really relax but take a break on traveling.  I signed up to be a fitness competitor but won't actually compete until my race goals are done.  This summer I am focusing on lifting more and HIIT.  My trainer wants to help me improve on my runs first.
I can honestly say I am more fit in my mid-thirties than I was in my late teens and most adulthood.
What can I say? When The Lord shows you what you can do, go for it.  I have allowed negativity and doubt to run my thoughts for too long.  Its time.

May 2014-Colfax Marathon in Denver
(TBD:September 2014-Omaha Marathon in Nebraska)
October 2014-St. Louis Rock and Roll in Missouri (doing this one as a training run)
November 2014-Seattle Marathon in Washington

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