Friday, May 24, 2013

The Fountain of Youth

May 23rd was 16 years that I have been graduated from high school! We recently had a class get together and chatted about how 16 years is VERY close to 20 years of being out of high school.  YIKES!
We all know, in that amount of time, that things change.  Some for the good, some for the bad.
The majority of things I hear these days, when talking about fitness, is how the person wishes they could look and feel the way they did back in high school.
Guess what?
You can!
Guess what again?
You can look and feel BETTER!

I have found that "The Fountain of Youth" isn't a quick fix of botox, breast augmentation (although thats not necessarily a bad thing), or fad diets.
It's eating right and fitness.
What I mean is 70% clean eating (eating as close to its natural form as possible) and 30% fitness.  Meaning don't stress over eating what you want and then trying to burn those calories--you'll never make up for it.  You'll have to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) to make up for that whopper, fries, and medium soda that you had for lunch.
Instead, focus on ways to fuel and feed your muscles.  Muscles are made in the kitchen.  I am a slow learner.  I have to see it working, first hand, for people before I jump on board.
Im seeing results and loving it!
Do I want to be the way I was in high school? NO WAY! I want to be who I am NOW!

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"The Fountain of Youth really is just a puddle of sweat."-Chalene Johnson (TurboFire)
Apparently taking studio pics with your BFF was cool back in '97.

Yes, that is REAL sweat...and no I don't glisten.  TurboFire has changed my life...and made my runs so much faster!

My friend of 20 years, April.  While the other girls were checking out each others hair and such, I gave April major props on her biceps.  That girl is buff!

Monday, May 13, 2013

To be continued...

As I have said before, this blog is used for my "failures" as well as it is victories.

Yesterday was not a good day.
Yesterday was Mother's Day.

While everyone was busy posting about their moms and all the wonderful posts about their moms, my heart was empty.

I have struggled for years at why my heart feels empty when it comes to my mom.  It's very hard to explain.
I didn't grow up in the best home life and that's okay.  It took a little while to get to the "okayness" of why I grew up that way but I haven't quite understood the mother/daughter bond...or lack thereof.
I get the bond between my child and I (I absolutely love it) but I have never understood what it's like to be THE child.

I know my parents loved me.  I know my mom loved/loves me.  But, to the depths of REALLY knowing, I don't understand it.
I am sure this post seems meaningless to some, especially if you've understood your role in your relationships.
For someone like me, I am completely numb at being a daughter to a mother.  I don't know what that feels like.

A few weeks ago, there was some misunderstanding between a family member and I.  The person totally misunderstood what I was trying to say.  Instead of asking me or reaffirming what I said, they completely spread the word around at their interpretation.  It caused havoc with some family.
And again, I was left with the thoughts of how I have no one.

Maybe you might view this as a pity party.  I really don't.
I look at this as reality.

If you are reading this and you are family, please know this is something the Lord is working out in my heart.  It isn't something I am doing on purpose or doing to get back at anyone.
I don't know why my heart is hardened.

To be continued...
  I love, adore, and admire my child.  I hope to be like her one day!