Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The 'Pump'...

The most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is the 'pump'...-Arnold Schwarzenegger

and I won't quote the rest (awkward).

I can't even begin to express this newfound feeling I have for the gym.
I set a goal, years ago, to someday be a fitness competitor.  I signed up and in less than a year, I will be.
Right now I'm in the BULKING stage.  I'm trying to gain muscle after years of running and not fueling myself properly.
I was always sitting at 110lbs and anything over made me feel "fat."  I know now how dumb that sounds.  So, in the meantime, I've gained about 7 lbs and I'm thickening up in areas of badonka donk. Haha!

All of this meal plans, not so much cardio, and a "lift heavy" plan is new to me.  I've had to retrain my brain on fuel and wean myself away from all the cardio.
I can say I've enjoyed every bit of it.

I freaking love squats, deadlifts, and leg press.  I always wanted to do them but feared the main gym where all the "meatheads" are, haha.  I changed gyms, got a trainer/coach, and got bold.  It was that first step that was the hardest.  Everyday since then, I go in like I own the place and lay it down.

The PUMP, as Arnold calls it, is life altering!
Glutes taking their appropriate place.
I'm not sure what God will fully call me to do but I'm enjoying the journey! I love that I can be more than a runner.  I feel strong and determined.  I'm not looking back and if I do, it's to wait for others who want to come along with me.

Delts, tris, and bis...oh my!

Squats are up to 90lbs and I'm working on getting lower.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Celebrating 2 weeks of being off of FACEBOOK.

It's an amazing feeling.

I always looked at people strangely when they said they didn't have a Facebook.  Who doesn't have Facebook? Its the outlet to the world and communication to people who live far away/nearby (we just don't like being face to face).
It's also stressful.
I allowed it to consume me and at times, it took away from my child.

A few months ago I got the feeling of giving it up.  I contemplated it and debated it.  I came up with all sorts of reasons to NOT let go of it.  
And then it clicked.
Reach out to those people if you want to stay a part of their lives.  Don't just 'like' a status or picture, get to know them again and not through social media. 
Facebook doesn't have to be complicated and I complicated it.  I would get so aggravated at things and that would put me in a negative mood.

The day I got rid of it, I did something amazing.  I spent that time, that I normally look at Facebook,  facing THE BOOK.
I read in James through The Message version and I fell in love again.  

That's the thing about The Word.  It IS social media.  ANYONE can be a part of it.  There are REAL stories of peoples lives open for everyone to see/learn from, there are STATUS' that are uplifting/encouraging (they're called scriptures), and there is LIFE when you open it--and you don't need a password to open it either.

What's on your mind today?