Sunday, March 16, 2014

January, February, and March Madness

And here we are again.  Struggling to make time to post.


Maddy going in for surgery.
January-Maddy was hospitalized AGAIN for two weeks.  This time she had Pneumonia and Strep.  It was a rough go this time seeing as her lung function was down to 35%.  She had issues with a PICC line and we made the tough *but oh so worth it* decision to get a PORT.  It was a minor surgery to get a small plastic piece under her left chest skin but everything went well.  For future hospitalizations and blood withdrawl we'll use the PORT instead of going through a vein.  It was a tough stay for her due to the amount of children on the peds floor with FLU, she was unable to have friends to visit.  Maddy is my hero--straight up.

Maddy throwing up deuces post surgery.
February-Nothing too interesting going on.  Marathon training continued and I WAS supposed to complete marathon #7 in state #7 but it didn't happen.
Got my very first MACRO calculation for my body type.  I am not very good at keeping track of protein/fats/carbs but I gotta get with it.  I want to be LEAN and that won't happen if I'm not doing my part.  *shaking finger at myself*
February progress shot.

March-Well, March 2nd was SUPPOSED to be my marathon #7 but it didn't happen.  The "runwives" and I drove over 7 hours to Little Rock.  It was a great ride down and the expo was amazing.  Bart Yasso, the editor of Runners World, was there to give a presentation.  We were then able to meet him.  I PROUDLY boast about being the first to take a "selfie" with him.  Silly but awesome!
"SELFIE!" with Bart Yasso
Sunday, marathon day, rolls around and it's raining like crazy.  It started out being 54 degrees and by the time it was all over it had dropped to 30 degrees with an ice storm headed our way.
They ended up canceling the race due to severe weather.  My friend and I were almost to mile 18 when they canceled and detoured us to a nearby Wal-Mart.  Freezing cold blistering winds and we were wearing shorts.
Captain AMY-rica and Wendy Woman
We were pretty disappointed.  Not so much because of the weather but because the race officials came back and said they rerouted us NOT cancelled the run.  Even though there were black signs from police that read race cancelled, they still said they only rerouted us.  We all know it was so they didn't have to refund us our fees.
Runners detoured at Wal-Mart
Next year, I am not running Little Rock Marathon.  I will run their other Arkansas marathon, "HOGEYE Marathon," and wear my LSU gear!!!
The next day it literally took us 2 hours to get out of Little Rock.  My car was solid ice.  Thankfully one of my "wives" drove 10+ hours home for us.

In ONE week, March 23, I will FINALLY complete marathon #7 in Atlanta, GA.  April 6th, marathon #8, will be in St. Louis, MO.   May 25th, marathon #9, will be in Denver, CO.
With 3 marathons in 3 months, I will qualify for a bronze level in Marathon Maniacs.  I cannot wait to be a part of this community.
The "runwives" with our EPIC medal for our unofficial finish.

Well, that's it.  It's crazy how time really does fly.  Busy or lazy, I just don't know the difference these days.