Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It seems like eternity since I've blogged.
I am not sure what to write anymore.
Ive been a lot better at talking about things with people than journaling about them, whether it be in prayer or about something.

Things have changed TREMENDOUSLY in my life over the last few years and I'm so excited to share stories along the way.
First off, I am a recovering Panic, Anxiety, OCD, and hair puller.  I laugh at myself when I say that because its CRAZY and TRUE.
I suffered a panic attack in January 2010 and since then I've had to redefine myself.  I sought first in the Lords eyes and then on to who I need to be.  HE is showing me more and more each day on who HE designed me to be.  Not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Its been interesting the things Ive had to learn along the way but how else is a person supposed to grow?
God has a sense of humor, I just need to learn not to take things TOO seriously.

One of the main things that HE has changed is my fitness level.  I never thought fitness could go beyond running.  The day I discovered running, that was it.  I was a runner.  I've never gotten away from it nor do I ever want to.  I just didn't know the calling would go way beyond who I thought I was.  So, as of February 2013, I am officially a Beachbody coach.  I like to look at it more as a person who helps you mentally and a life coach.
My goal is to help others through the toughest part of their lives.  If you are uncomfortable with the way you look and feel, I am here.  I guide people through a program that is right for them and help them along the way to stick it out.
I am currently coaching a group of 9 girls (all online) through TurboFire.  That at home program is amazing.  It has changed my outlook on how I was to feel and look.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be fit.  I want to be all I can be and more.
Check out the site and see if you're interested in anything.  My next group will start at the end of June and that group will be Insanity.  I am looking forward to that 60 days of "Bananas".

The other life change HE brought me to was "clean-eating" (eating food as close to its natural state as possible).  I stay away from anything processed as much as I can.  Not everything is 100 proof but it has worked for me to stay away from them.
It took me years to find what was for me and I'm not giving it up.
I found people who are truly inspirational with their health and have encouraged me along the way.
I dropped 10 pounds of unwanted fat like that.  My agility and speed have increased.  My energy level skyrocketed and my thought process seems more clear.
If someone would have shared this with me 9 months ago, I would've ignored it.  I guess I had to find out for myself.
I do want to add that I have a "treat" day sometimes.  I usually have that day on Saturdays and it's been Chic-Fil-A every time.
However, lately, I've not really been in the mood for that "treat".  I feel more like ME when I stick to what I have planned out.
Just know, I think its okay to indulge.

Like I said at the beginning of the blog, I have a lot of things I want to share.  I just don't want to overwhelm myself of the reader.
So I'll end it with this one thing:

In 2007, I was running on my lunch break and I was angry at running.  (Runners go through that from time to time.  We wonder what is the purpose of it all.)  I remember asking God, "why!?! Why do others seem to have progress but not me?"
Then I heard HIM say, "because you were once LAME and now look at you-you are LEAPING!"
HE was right.
There was a period in my life where I could barely walk and here it is, years later, I am a 5 time marathoner (hopefully a 6 time marathoner in November).

How about you? Are you LAME? Are you stuck?
Don't fear that.  Seek it out.  HE has more for you than you know.  Maybe you've heard that a lot but never saw results from it.  Don't give up.  Your breakthrough could be right around the corner.

"Mark out straight paths for your feet so that those who are WEAK and LAME will not fall but become STRONG"-Hebrews 12:13 (NLT)

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