Sunday, April 10, 2011

With Sympathy

I have been struggling lately with being sympathetic towards some lately. Perhaps, its the rediculousness I see. Does that make it right??? I have fought with myself time and time again about not having a "sweet soul" or compassionate heart. I then started realizing that that is just not me. I believe that God brings me to situations to where I can practice it but overall, I'm just not. I'm not sympathetic to the attention seeker. I'm not encouraging to the prideful person who already KNOWS what they want me to say. I don't have a lending ear to the one who brags about every materialistic thing they own and yet struggles with inner peace but isn't ready to find a way out. I got a phone call recently from someone that I "fleshly" dreaded to answer. I answered it and it was the same story. You ask me how I am and the minute I am done saying, "I am well, how are you?" I hear all about everyone elses issues. I have backed away from those situations and I am wondering how much more do I need to back away...or do I at all? Love isn't rude, Love isn't self-seeking, Love isn't boastful, Love isn't proud...right? Man, what is my problem?!?

The photo is of Morrison. We call his look a "not impressed" look. I guess even animals can show you how to live...because even though we get this look all the time, he still loves us and wants to be around us.


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Jeremy said...

Ha ha! Morrison's photo made me chuckle.

I know exactly what you mean. I love you and thank you for continuing to write your blogs!