Monday, December 20, 2010

"Do You Hear What I Hear?"

"Said the little lamb to the shephard boy, Do you hear what I hear..."

We have experienced quite a bit this year. Dealing with panic/anxiety due to a breakdown, saying good-bye to friends, my mom getting diagnosed with breast cancer, meeting new and wonderful friends, the birth of my neice, completing my 4th marathon, getting Frank, the death of a friend, and preparing for my husband to leave again.

A lot of things have changed this year but through it all, one thing remained...the voice of the Lord.

During the times of anxiety, I heard "Do not be anxious about anything..."

When saying good-bye to a really good friend, I heard the voice of the Lord say, "For the I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord..."

When my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and struggled emotionally, I shut down. I wasn't listening to the voice of the Lord. It was when I decided to lay it down and allow God to show me how to love is when I heard the change HE was doing in her. It is a real and authentic change. That alone inspired me.

Meeting Sarah has been a great journey of faith. We talk about everything and our main passion is the Lord. She inspires me to be graceful, motivates me to go for my goals, and encourages me in my "weakness." The voice of the Lord speaks loud through our conversations.

My baby sister had a baby girl. I got to witness this amazing experience and I felt complete joy in the form of laughing, crying, and hope. The voice of the Lord was rejoicing just as much as we were!

Completing my 4th marathon? Well, lets just say I was the voice during that whole run. I pouted at the end and wondered why I felt the way I had...and then I heard the voice say, "you have your own purpose, there are too many states to be completed for you to cry over one." I was done pouting.

Getting Frank has been JOY! I mean that from everything I have. He has helped me with my "mothering" desires. You always hear about a woman's biological clock ticking...well, I don't think mine has ever stopped. I have always wanted more children. Frank is the baby of the family now and he has an amazing personality. I love him!

The death of a co-worker came as a surprise. Along with everyone else, my thought process was blank. I heard the voice of the Lord say, "it could happen just like that" and "only I am the judge."

With Jeremy leaving soon, I haven't really thought about what it's going to be like in the upcoming months. I don't have to think about them because the voice of the Lord has been using the Brandon Heath song, "Your Love" to show me He will be there.

I am learning to end this year with a new beginning. I want to hear HIM through everything!

"With a voice as big as the sea, with a voice as big as the sea"

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