Friday, November 28, 2014


Its been six months since I've committed to being a bikini competitor.
It is a journey let me tell you.

Ive had some emotional times for sure and that has caused my mental state to shift.  I have said farewell to running for now and making that change was the hardest move.  Being a runner for almost 10 years with 9 marathons under my belt, it was sad to see it go.  BUT, I am still a runner and plan to do my 10th marathon next fall (Marine Corps Marathon or Women's Nike Marathon San Fran).

I eat so much more than I ever have.  I never thought I'd consume so much protein.  I never realized the importance of it.  I always thought the frailer-skinnier-less you weighed, the faster you would be.  The lie detector proved, THAT WAS A LIE.
I am on 6 meals a day and theres proof that its benefiting me.

May will be my very first bikini competition.  February 1st I start cutting my meals and that is when I will start seeing lean take place.
Until then, I am enjoying the journey and enjoying my bulking phase.

In local news,  I have a high schooler now and that is what it sounds like-high school.  I still think Im cool but she thinks I'm "aight, I guess."
Shoulders and arms! Ive never had any before!
125lb deadlifts! Gimmie those hammys!
We move into our new home right before Christmas and the finished basement has just enough space in a corner for my at home gym equipment.  I.cannot.wait.
Babe retires in 2 years and I know he's ready for his own thing.  He deserves it.
Life is just sailing.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  We've weathered some storms in the past and I feel like we are on the upside.
When God gives you purpose, passion, and drive-you gotta go fulfill it no matter what comes your way.  A few years ago I veered off, got distracted, and wondered why God even still loved me.  Here it is almost 6 years later and Im so filled with Gods grace and purpose, I am pumped to serve and do HIS will.
I got tired of praying "get by" prayers.  I wanted GOD prayers.  I had to give up Facebook for that prayer to start coming true.  Too much negativity.
They're here now.  Let's go!
The heels! #futurecompetitor

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