Sunday, January 5, 2014


First blog of the year is here!

As I've said before I don't believe in resolutions, I just believe in goals and accomplishments.  So, with not having resolutions, I'm able to keep moving forward in my goals.

Resolution Run 5k
Hangover Half-Marathon (my Babe)
Run Into the New Year 5k

Resolution Run 5k at 5pm on New Years Eve, Run Into the New Year 5k at 11:45pm on New Years Eve, and Hangover Half-Marathon at 10 am on New Years Day! It was a long night/morning but we had a blast.

Our "UGLY SWEATers" team also won "Best Costume".
Overall, it was a great day but man, I was extremely exhausted.

In other news, this new year is going to take a lot of getting used when it comes to my child.  My sweet girl turns 14 and will be entering high school.  I'm not really going to say much more because honestly, I have no words.
I get so excited at the thought of achieving my goals but that means TIME and time isn't something you can buy or buy back.
So, my purpose is bittersweet.
But, I will say I am very thankful she is so supportive of me.  If arthritis hurts, she's comforting.  If I'm freaking out about a run, she rubs my back or plays with my hair.  If I get so excited about a future run and our sight seeing, she supports the travel.
Why do you have to grow up?
I am so proud of who is she becoming.

The final goal I'd like to accomplish this year is my Marathon 2015 savings jar.  I had seen a savings plan for 52 weeks and I'm applying it towards my marathon fund.  The marathon I chose for 2015 will end up being a west coast one or an upper east coast.  I'd like to have "unlimited" funds to explore the surrounding area.  So, I started with what the plan asked for and added some change.  I'm excited to continue this plan until the day the plane leaves to take me to my destination.

Marathon 2015 awaits
So, heres to the new year! Cheers!

The most encouraging runners I know.

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