Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Crazy Love"

I am reading a new, to me, book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It is hitting home pretty hard with a phrase of "Are you IN love with Jesus or just His everyday blessings?" Wow. My heart was on fire today to confess it to the world. I wanted to shout out, "I am guilty Lord! I have taken you for granted! I have loved materialistic items more than you! I have enjoyed freedom and MY time! I have taken grace for granted! AND I'M SORRY!" I got to share some testimony with a friend and I felt the Lord's grace at that moment.
I say all these things but at the same time I got angry at something today. I got mouthy at a situation today. I allowed the enemy to aggrivate me with petty things and things I have no control over. (When I think of control I laugh a little inside. I watch "The Office" and one of the characters, Andy Bernard, comes back from anger management. When someone makes him mad he says, "I cannot control the things YOU do, I can only control what I do." To bring humor to a 'stressful' situation, I say that exact phrase and move on. It has taken some time but I am getting it.)
With that being said, I am ALWAYS learning. I am learning that I have idled for far too long-it may not seem long to others but it was to me. I am learning that God does want to bless me, not just with everday blessings (husband, children, and materials) but with HIS blessing of grace, forgiveness, and everlasting love. I am HIS child and HE wants to. I am willing to accept.
How about you? Do you think that God's blessings are earthly items? Do you praise the Lord when you get a raise, a new car, or a home? I am guilty of that. I am also good at playing a game called, "Not Fair." Have you ever played that? It's easy. All you have to do is pout, moan, groan, and stomp your feet at the "not fairs" to YOU in this world. But you know what, there is no winner in that game-only "L"osers! I am learning that as long as you wake up in the morning and start your day, everythings fair and you deserve everything you have.
So...if you want to get a little "Crazy" then start with Jesus. You won't find any other love like that!

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Lacy said...

We read that in 2008. I can honestly say. I make every decision with a new set of eyes. Isn't it incredible!?